Cat Art by Rachel

Cat and Kitten Artwork by Rachel
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I have sold my paintings on Ebay for many years and I am proud to be an affiliate. I love to scroll through the listings, soaking in the feline art... cats and more cats in all styles, colors and media. Here is a sampling of the artwork listed today. I hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Cat Craft Project

Cat Craft

Mo resigns herself to another kitten in the house. There's still more work to be done on this cat pillow.

Follow this craft project

Portrait of Nikos Sorta

Tiger Cat Portrait

I started out painting an orange tabby and ended up with a portrait of Nikos.

See the before and after art

Throwback Thursday - Nikos with Bottles

Throwback Thursday Painting of Cat

I took my first painting class, through an adult education evening program at a local high school. The class was so crowded that the instructor only spoke to me [Read more...]

Blind Cat Rescue

Blind Cat Rescue Fund Raiser on Ebay

I'm am selling this painting on Ebay and 100% of the proceeds will go to Blind Cat Rescue. Blind Cat Rescue is a life time care sanctuary located in St. Pauls, North Carolina. They provide a safe place for blind cats... Read more about Blind Cat Rescue

Cat Pillow Craft

Cat Pillow Craft

I'm having fun making a sitting cat pillow. I'll make the fabric available when I get it the way I like it.

See how the Craft Project is going...

Fantasy Cat Magician

Fantasy Painting of Cat Magician

Even though Mrs. Norris, Filchs's companion, wasn't a particularly sympathetic character, she still was a cat... and thus my son loved her.

Click here to see the fantasy art

Tig at Ahimsa Haven Animal Rescue

Ahimsa Animal Resue Fund Raiser

When Tigg the Orange Tabby Cat came to Ahimsa Haven, it was the end of summer and still warm out. At first, he was kept in the outdoor cathouse because ... Read more about Tigg and Ahimsa

Cute Kitten

Painting of Cute kitten

This kitten seems anxious because I drew him wee bit too large, and sometime in the future he will be squeezed into a slightly too small 5" x 7" mat.

Click here to see the artwork

Pat Brody Cat Shelter Fund Raiser

Pat Brody Auction Winner

I'm painting this for the auction winner at the Pat Brody fund raiser.

Read more about this painting and Pat Brody.

PDF Printable of Two Orange Cats

PDF Printable of two orange cats

Here is a PDF printable that is fun for your kids or class. Enjoy!

Click here to download

Junior by Virginia Miller

Lithography by Virginia Miller

I had some great friends in high school, but my best friend was a Siamese cat named Junior. Junior slept under covers with his head next to mine...

Read more about Virginia Miller and Junior.

Chocolate Point Siamese Art

Black Cat Art

I am painting this acrylic for an upcoming art show. You can see the frame I painted in last week's newsletter

Here is the full-size art.

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Black Cat Art

Black Cat Art

Here is a watercolor of Marina, our magnificent black cat, hoping for spring.

You can see the full-size painting, an in-progress photo and my messy palette.

Valentines Day Cards for Cat Lovers

Valentines Day Cards for Cat Lovers

Happy Valentines to all. It's time for chocolates, cards and gifts for the cats and cat lovers in your live. See my selection of cat cards for cat lovers.

Tickle's Bucket List

Cat Riding Horse

Tickle's Bucket List: Learn to ride horses
Rachel's Bucket List: Learn to draw horses
See more illustrations of Tickle's Bucket

Sprite Cat Portrait

Cat Portrait

Sprite would like to wish everyone a wonderful new year. This watercolor of Sprite is for sale on Etsy. Free, downloadable Facebook and G+ cover photos are also available. Here is the full-size cat portrait.

Pet Portraits from Photos

Pet Portraits from Photos

This painting of a magnificent Angora is a work-in-progress. I am painting this in watercolor on 5"x7" cotton paper. You can see the pet portrait. You can also download a banner image suitable for your Facebook or Google+ page from my Free Cat Banners page.

Free Banner for Cat Lovers under Creative Commons License

Happy New Year 2015 to All Cat Lovers

Here is my first banner released under the Free Creative Commons License. It would be my joy if you share or use this banner. Happy New Years!

Online Art Gallery of Cat Paintings

Cat Paintings in the Online Gallery

Please visit my Online Gallery for many of the paintings I have uploaded. The gallery contains original paintings for sale and high quality prints.

Monkey in the Gallery

Monkey in the Art Gallery

Here's the initial sketch of Monkey. You can see the full sketch of Monkey in the Gallery. This link will contain images of the painting as it progresses from this initial sketch to the final painting.

I Love Cats

I Love Cats Poster Painting

Of all the creatures great and small, I love cats best of all. I think this phrase just about sums up my view of the world. The slogan is a twist on the name of an British television series aired on the BBC in the mid-seventies. I simply completed their title with what seems to be a natural continuation, I love cats best of all. What more needs to be said. Click to see the full size illustration which is available on posters, shirts, mugs and more...

Christmas Kitten Art

Here is my Christmas Cat Art for those of us who keep Christmas in our hearts all year long.

Sleepy Cat

Maine Coon Kitten Artwork

Gomer struggles to keep her eyes open as sleep slowly creeps in. Touch here to see a larger version of this original artwork.

Blue Collar Cat on For Sale on Etsy

Artwork of Blue Collar Cat

Blue Collar Cat is finished, the varnish is dry and I'm selling this artwork on Etsy. Etsy is similar to Ebay except that Etsy primarily focuses on the buying and selling of arts and crafts. This hand-painted, original artwork would make a excellent present for the hard to shop for tabby lover in your life... hint, hint and happy holidays happy emoticon

Siamese Slumber

Painting of Siamese Cat Sleeping

Painting of Sleeping Siamese is a work in progress. This is an original acrylic artwork. I am experimenting some new pigments and I think I enjoy how it turned out. This original artwork is hand-painted and is for sale on Etsy. If you know a blue point siamese lover then this one of a kind picture may be the perfect gift.

Cat Lover Gift Ideas

I converted my original artwork into gifts for cat lovers. The Mugs, Greeting Cards and Wall Clocks are popular gifts. You can click on the gifts below to see many more gift ideas for you and your cat lover.

Christmas Ornament of Maine Coon Cat Mistletoe Christmas Cards with Maine Coon Cat Maine Coon Cat on Christmas Coffee Mug

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Halloween Art

Here is my Halloween Cat Art for those of us who never get enough of this spooktacular holiday.

Cat Photo


Here is my world renowned two-headed cat MarinaTick, relaxing in the window after an arduous tour of all corners of the globe. This cat photo reminds of Doctor Dolittle's Push-Me--Pull-You. You can see more cat photographs of Tickles and Marina.

Paw Project T-Shirt Contest

Paw Project T-Shirt Contest

My Paw Project T-Shirt entry didn't win but I had a lot of fun being involved in this wonderful project. Many fine artists participated and the winning designs will be used to sell T-Shirts and other merchandise to support the project. I hope to compete again if and when the another contest is announced. You can follow the link for more information on the T-Shirt contest and the work that the Paw Project supports.

I have started a new page dedicated to the Paw Project.

Small Format Art

Small Format Art Cat

I painted this miniature for the local library's art show / fund raiser. Click to see a larger version of this original artwork.

Kitten Painting Lessons

kitten Art Lessons

I struggle with painting, but with a self-trained master artist guiding me step by step I am confident that I will reach my dreams. Thank you Grand Master Tickles for your patient tutorials and timeless wisdom. Here are many more paintings made possible by Tickles. Currently tickles only offers in person, one-on-one, tutorials but she is planning to one day offer free online art classes, so that all the world can know the joy of painting.

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