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Cat Craft Tutorial

Cat Craft Tutorial

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make your own cat pillow. The tutorial includes instructions for how to make a stand-alone pillow which is good for a decoration or a door-stop. The tutorial also provides instructions on how to make the pillow without the base which is good for cuddling.

Cat Pillow Project

Cat Craft

Marina accepts that another kitten is in the house. This is a work in project and eventually I hope to write a tutorial.

Follow this craft project

PDF Printables for Coloring

PDF Printable of two orange cats

Here is a PDF printable that is fun for your kids or class. Enjoy!

Click here to download

Count Catula

Count Catula

Here is Count Catula and a couple of his cousins.

Instructions to make your own Vampire Kitty. Note, you mustn't call your vampire kitty Count Catula. There is only one Count and he has a terrible temper.

Trinket Box

Count Catula

Make your own trinket box. My son used polymer clay to make the cat designs on these boxes.

Instructions to make your own trinket boxes

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