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Manga Eyes

anxious kitten orange tabby cat rachel m brown cat paintings

Here is the anxious kitten with her new background color. I had to use acrylic paint to cover up the dark forest of green watercolor that I initially used. So now she looks less anxious, but perhaps a bit intimidated by the wild pink that I love to put into my paintings.

Technically, this is a mixed media painting now because I used acrylic and watercolor. I was playing with a new pigment in this little painting (a violet that won't be moving onto my regular palette), and I know it isn't the best I've ever painting, but I still like anxious kitten's expression!

skittish kitten orange tabby rachel m brown cat paintings

Anxious Kitten caged within her 5" x 7" mat.

Anxious Kitten

Painting of Cute Kitten

Why does this kitten look so anxious? Because I drew him wee bit too large, and sometime in the future he will be forced into a slightly too small 5" x 7" mat. He may also be anxious because I'm not happy with the way the background came out, so I'll be getting out my acrylic paints and ink so that I can paint over the parts I don't like. That never bodes well...

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