Tabby with Ornament Christmas Card

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Grey Tabby with Christmas Ornament

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Watercolor on Cold Press Paper

cat Christmas card tree ornament Rachel Armington

Christmas ornaments are wonderful playthings. Although the hangar stops the ball from rolling in a straight line, the ornament is as light and delicate as a soap bubble.

The cat in this painting is one of my favorite models, my friend Ann's grey tabby. Sometimes Dora seems to have an Audrey Hepburn vibe, elegant and classy, but with an underlying vulnerability. I drew Dora's head a bit too round, but I think I still caught her personality.

Dora Christmas cat card in progress

Because this painting was for a Christmas card, the background needed to be green. But I was tempted to leave it at this stage, when the only detail was in Dora's face and the ornament.

lovely mud pigment mixture for Dora grey tabby

These are the pigments I use to make Dora's grey (cobalt blue, manganese, opera, and burnt sienna). Lovely mud!

Gift Wrapping Paper

Here is a large repeating pattern that would make some mighty fine wrapping paper for your presents under the Christmas Tree. Christmas present wrapping

I have sold my paintings on Ebay for many years and I am proud to be an affiliate.

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I have sold my paintings on Ebay for many years and I am proud to be an affiliate.