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Where's My Mailbox???

The wind is whipping. It has been howling and growling all night. I look out the back window and tree branches are swaying wildly back and forth. My thoughts recall the movie "Revenant" which repeated a metaphor about tree branches in a storm. My gaze follows the branches down to the trunk and it is solidly planted in a fresh coating of new snow. The snow swirls in mini tornadoes as the wind gusts. I then look out the front window. As expected the snowplow had sealed the end of the driveway with a wall of packed snow. Without focussing I admire a dove that clings the dancing telephones like a bronco rider. And then... what's this? My Mailbox... it's, it's gone. Just the post remained. Check it out.

Where is my mailbox?

We enjoy a warm breakfast joking about how someone stole our twenty-five year old mailbox. The blustering wind gradually reduces and we finally decide it's time to investigate the scene of the crime. We bundle up to brave the freezing outdoors. We open the door and the Sunday newspaper falls in. The paperboy had delivered as always, no matter how bad the weather. I think of him with admiration. I pick up the paper and then... mystery solved. The paperboy had carried the mailbox from the road all the way to our front steps. I think of him with even more admiration.

There is my mailbox?

We try and try to pull up the broken mailbox post, but to no avail. That post is frozen solid and won't be budged until the spring thaw. So what to do? What to do? Here is our solution. It's not quite as good as duct tape but it's pretty close. If any of you need repairs, you now know you can call on us to do a first rate job with the highest quality craftsmanship. Surely our neighbors view us we renewed awe.

Mailbox repaired with quality craftsmanship

Quality Mailbox Art

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