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Pet Portrait Commissions by Rachel M. Brown

Thank you for your interest in my pet paintings. If I didn't have the opportunity to paint other people's pets, my own home would be overrun with four-legged models! I appreciate that you are considering me to capture the likeness of your special companion. If you are not already familiar with my work, please see,, or my Facebook page at Rachel M Brown Paintings.

Price: $250.00 for an 11" x 14" (or 14" x 11", depending on your photograph) watercolor portrait on professional 100% cotton paper. Shipping is extra, depending on your location. The finished painting will be matted to fit a standard size 16" x 20" frame which is not included in the price.

Frame: The price does not include a frame. I use standard sizes so that you can purchase your own at a crafts supply store without have to invest in a professional framer. You only need to pop the cardboard backing out of the frame, place the watercolor in, and return the frame's backing. Crafts supply stores usually also sell pre-cut mats, in case you want a different mat color.

Privacy: I would love to learn anything about your pet that you'd like to share. If you do not want information about your pet to appear under his or her painting when I put it up onto my website, just let me know and I won't include the information. I never use people's last names or addresses on my websites.

Reference Photos: It's very helpful if you can send multiple pictures: sometimes a single photo doesn't show all the visual information I might need to convincingly paint an animal's spotted coat, for example, or the shape of their head. Photographs taken with a flash often look flat because flashes bleach out detail: Cell phone photos are sometimes blurry.

You can email your photographs or upload them to my personal webpage.

If you are able to send multiple reference photographs, please let me know if you have a preference for any one of them.

Schedule: I am an exceedingly slow painter and have a lot of projects going on at any point of time. I will contact you when I put your painting into the schedule, which may take a while. Once I start painting, it can take me up to 3-4 weeks to complete a painting. If you need the painting by a specific date, please let me know so that I can tell you that I can't make it.

Payment: I don't ask for a down payment before I start working on a commission. When I finish the painting, I will email a copy to you. If at that point, you wish to buy the painting, you can pay me either through Paypal, money order or personal check. If the painting doesn't appeal to you, you aren't under any obligation and there are no hard feelings. Once payment clears, I will mail the painting to you.

Rights: Please note that the artist retains all reproduction rights for the complete painting.

Thank you so much for your interest in my artwork.

Updated: January 2016

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