Charity Art Fundraiser Auctions

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Help Us Make Your Benefit a Success!

Each year we hold a limited number of fundraising auctions for pet shelters. We auction original cat artwork. All (100%) of the proceeds go to the shelter, and we also donate shipping within the United States and Canada.

The charity artwork is almost always purchased by a follower of the animal shelter.

The best way to make a charity auction a success is to share the information with your followers, especially on social media. Ask your followers to share as well! Google Plus and Pinterest are the most efficient social media to share. Facebook also works, but doesn't show your posts to all your followers. Facebook often delays showing posts to your followers, which can mean some might not see the auction information in time to bid.

Charity Auctions for Your Shelter

If we hold a charity auction for your shelter, please share on your social media! After we list the auction on Ebay, we will email to you an auction link on our webpage, When you share the link, the link will automatically display the image of the artwork being auctioned.

If your shelter is a member of Ebay's Giving Works, the payment at the end of the auction will go directly into your account. If you aren't a member, we will send the payment to your Paypal account after we receive it from the winning bidder.

Previous Fundraisers

Sweetpea Fundraiser

Help Sweetpea FOR Animals

The Sweetpea animal shelter has had a terrible fire, destroying their shelter. Please help... 100% of this auction will go to the Sweetpea Shelter.

See more about Sweetpea Fundraiser

Nine Lives Foundation Fundraiser

Nine Lives Foundation Cat Art for Sale

This original water is for sale on Ebay through the Giving Works charity auction. 100% of the sale will benefit the amazing animal rescue efforts of the Nine Lives Foundation.

See details about this Charity Auction

Fundraiser Art Auction for Ahimsa Haven Animal Rescue

Ahimsa Animal Resue Fund Raiser

All, as in 100%, of this Ebay Auction will be donated to Ahimsa Haven! We love the truly awesome volunteers and even more phenomenal felines of Ahimsa, so please share this post to drive the bidding higher.

Read more about Tigg and Ahimsa

Pat Brody Cat Shelter Fund Raiser

Pat Brody Auction Winner

I'm painting this for the auction winner at the Pat Brody fund raiser. I am fortunate to live in the same town as this wonderful, no-kill shelter. Tickles and Marina were residents of Pat Brody until they moved in with us over ten years ago.

Read more about this painting and Pat Brody.

Blind Cat Rescue Fund Raiser

Painting Donated to Blind Cat Rescue Fundraiser

I'm am selling this painting on Ebay and 100% of the proceeds will go to Blind Cat Rescue. Blind Cat Rescue is a life time care sanctuary located in St. Pauls, North Carolina. They provide a safe place for blind cats...

Read more about Blind Cat Rescue.

Paw Project T-Shirt Contest

Paw Project T-Shirt Contest

My Paw Project T-Shirt entry didn't win but I had a lot of fun being involved in this wonderful project. Many fine artists participated and the winning designs will be used to sell T-Shirts and other merchandise to support the project. I hope to compete again if and when the another contest is announced. You can follow the link for more information on the T-Shirt contest and the work that the Paw Project supports.

I have started a new page dedicated to the Paw Project.