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Thank You

Thank you everyone for helping make this auction a success. I would especially like to thank everyone who shared, blogged, tweeted and liked to spread the word. The success of online fundraising and charity auctions relies heavily on the help of friends, circlers and followers. I knew I could count on you and you came through in great style. And I would like to give one more shout out to the amazing and dedicated animal rescue team at the Nines Lives Foundation. It has been a pleasure working you and I hope to have an even more successful fundraiser in the future. Best wishes, Rachel.

Link to the Nine Lives Foundation

Nine Lives Cat Rescue Charity Auction
Link to the Nine Lives Foundation Charity Auctions Charity Auction for Nine Lives Foundation Link to the Nine Lives Foundation Charity Auctions Nine Lives Foundation Charity Auction Link to the Nine Lives Foundation Charity Auctions

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Original Watercolor on Ebay Now

All of the proceeds (100 %) from this auction will benefit the Nine Lives Foundation, a cat rescue non-profit located in Redwood, California. Visit their website at Nine Lives Foundation. You can also read more about this painting on my Cat Painting Website.

The first photo shows a close-up of the painting. The second shows the painting matted and protected by its clear plastic sleeve. The third photo shows the back of the mat with its clear plastic sleeve (my business card is the colored square at the bottom right).

The watercolor is approximately 14" x 11" and is matted to fit into a 20" x 16" frame. The frame size, 16" x 20", is a standard size, so the winning bidder can easily purchase a frame from a local craft or department store.

I use professional grade watercolor paint on archival 300# cold press Arches watercolor paper. The painting is attached with archival linen tape to the back of the mat.

I securely wrap the matted painting between multiple layers of recycled cardboard and brown kraft paper.

I am also donating free shipping to the United States and Canada. If you live outside of these countries, I will donate $15 towards the shipping cost.

You can see more of my paintings at

Ready to Donated to Auction

In the end, this painting is called "Nikos Sorta." When I started, I was painting an orange tabby, and all my pigment decisions were based on that. My concentration wandered during one painting decision, and the next thing I knew, I had painted Nikos' markings.

emerald eyes tabby cat work in progress Rachel M Brown

Cat Painting In Progress

Watercolor on Cold Press Watercolor Paper

This is one of the paintings I'm working on right now. I'm keeping everything nice and warm, even the underlying glazes that are helping me save the whites. I often let my children name my paintings, which is why this one has two!

Nine Lives Foundation Fundraiser

Here is a closeup, zoomed in to show detail.

Nine Lives Foundation Fundraiser painting

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