Calico Cat – Original Small Format Artwork by Rachel

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Calico Cat on Kitchen Chair

calico cat sleeping kitchen chair

Original SFA Watercolor on Cold Press Paper

I joke with one of my friends that she has her very own cat colony (I personally consider more than five cats a colony. I used to have my own cat colony years ago, but now I am down to just two cats). None of my friend's cats are related, but all of them are calicos (and all of them are females, of course).

This calico uses the same parameters to choose where to sleep as my Marina does: sunlight is the most important thing. Mo has a heated, velour-covered snuggle bed next to my desk so that she can weather winter next to me and Tickles. But she prefers to go lie on the cold kitchen floor, where she rolls from sun square to sun square.

This is a Small Format Artwork (SFA) painting, 7" x 5", and is painted with the mixtures on my "dirty palette" left over from a larger painting.

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