Happy Cat Valentines Day

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Valentines Cat

Valentines Tuxedo Cat

This is a little Valentine of a black tuxedo cat that I painted in acrylic many years ago. It was the size of a trading card (2.5" x 3.5"). Before selling it, I scanned it into my computer, but this was before I understood the importance of resolution and image size and all that fun stuff. Luckily, read more and see the final picture...

I sold the original artwork several years ago, but you're in luck, it's for sale as a print and Valentines Day cards.

Cats and Mice are Friends

Cats and Mice are Friends Painting

Everyone can be friends on Valentines Day. Here's a better, large image of the painting.

Happy Valentines Day

Valentines with Cats

Tickles and Marina want to wish everyone a joyful and happy Valentines Day. See a higher resolution image of the painting

Valentines Card with Siamese Cats

Cat Valentines Day Card

Happy Valentines Day to all my cat loving friends. Please see the large and better cat painting here.

Cats Cuddling Valentines Day Card

Valentines Card with Cats

Two adorable kittens cuddling together for a romantic nap on a cold Valentines Day. We wish you all a wonderful Valentines. You can see the full Valentines Day painting

Our Lovely Valetines Cat

Happy Cat Valentines Day

As Marina has matured into a most noble and respectable cat, her coloring has turned from coal black to a subtle bronze. Our veterinarin said she was going to start calling Marina a chocolate cat instead of a black cat. And chocolates means Valentines, so Marina became our Valentines Cat. After that, it seemed only right to paint a valentine with Marina. See the full painting of our Valentine Cat

Sunny Valentine with Tabby Cats

Valentines Card with Tabby cats

Two beuatiful tabby cats enjoying a sunny Valentine's Day. Here is the Hi-Res picture of this siamese cat painting.

On Ebay Now

I have sold my paintings on Ebay for many years and I am proud to be an affiliate.