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Halloween Art by Rachel

Halloween Greetings

Halloween Black Cats

I love Autumn, the fall leaves, the crisp morning air and Halloween. I keep my two beautiful black cats safely locked in on Halloween, but I do love painting them in a wide array of Trick-or-Treat costumes. The paintings look great on Trick-or-Treat bags to hold your kids' treats (and hopefully not any tricks). The paintings also make excellent invitation cards to your Halloween party. I hope you enjoy my artwork and please visit again, I am always uploading new paintings.

ACEO of Marina in the Leaves

ACEO of Kitten in Leaves

Here is an ACEO of Marina enjoying a beautiful autumn day. I painted this ACEO art card in acrylic. I don't paint ACEOs as often now because they are oh so very small. But they are a lot of fun to trade and collect. It's amazing how much detail and effort artists around the world put into these little calling cards. If you're interesting in buying ACEOs I would recommend this website dedicated to the fine artists who love and create these little art cards.

Nikos Finds a Spider

Halloween Art for Kitten Lovers

Years ago, when my eyes were sharper and my hand was steadier, I enjoyed painting ACEOs, which are miniature paintings the size of a baseball card. Here is an ACEO of Nikos when he comes across a spider in the pumpkin patch. This link takes you to a larger picture of Nikos.

Halloween Reflection

Halloween Ghost

I painted this ACEO of Widget when she was just mere lass of a kitten. The Ghost Mouse is Nemesis. Nemesis lives in our backyard and always taunts Tickles. Tickles isn't much of a mouser. She's a lover not a mouser. You can view the large painting.

Halloween Reflection

Trick or Treat

Halloween draws near as Widget admires the bat decorations when she is startled by the sudden appearance of her reflection. Don't be scared silly Widget, you haven't turned into a black kitten of misfortune. It's your friend Tickles coming to wish you Happy Halloween. You can click here to see the full size image.



Here's a watercolor from the Way-Back Machine. Nikos is in a Jack-o-Lantern, hoping for that the Great Pumpkin arrives. Maybe... maybe this year is the year. The year when his pumpkin patch is the most sincere. His hopeful, emerald eyes makes me melt everytime. Click to see a larger version of this original ACEO.

Kitten Painting Lessons

kitten Art Lessons

I struggle with painting, but with a self-trained master artist guiding me step by step I am confident that I will reach my dreams. Thank you Grand Master Tickles for your patient tutorials and timeless wisdom. Here are many more paintings made possible by Tickles. Currently tickles only offers in person, one-on-one, tutorials but she is planning to one day offer free online art classes, so that all the world can know the joy of painting.

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Landscape of this painting