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Christmas Art by Rachel

Cat Artwork Banner

Dove Not-A-Cat

Christmas Dove

This Christmas Dove has been sold, but it is still available for purchase as gift wrapping paper. The original painting was a watercolor in the format of an Artist Trading Card, often referred to as an ATC or an ACEO.

Carolling Cats Christmas Card

Christmas kitten guarding present

Carolling Cats will hopefully be my Christmas card this holiday season. Here is a close-up of one of the cats. As you can see this is work in progess and I may not have enough time to complete this.

Blue Collar Cat on For Sale on Etsy

Artwork of Blue Collar Cat

Blue Collar Cat is finished, the varish is dry and I'm selling this artwork on Etsy. This would make a excellent present for the Tabby lover in your life... hint, hint and happy holidays happy emoticon

Siamese Slumber

Painting of Siamese Cat Sleeping

Painting of Sleeping Siamese is a work in progress. This is an original acrylic artwork and I am trying out some new pigments. I am also showing off my fancy artist palette.

Cat Lover Gift Ideas

I converted my original artwork into gifts for cat lovers. The Mugs, Greeting Cards and Wall Clocks are popular gifts. You can click on the gifts below to see many more gift ideas for you and your cat lover.

Christmas Ornament of Maine Coon Cat Mistletoe Christmas Cards with Maine Coon Cat Maine Coon Cat on Christmas Coffee Mug

Cafepress offers several shipping options

  • Economy - about 2.5 weeks
  • Basic - about 1.5 weeks
  • Premium - Less than a week
  • Express - Less than 3 days (sometimes overnight)

Christmas Manx

Christmas kitten guarding present

Click to view the manx artwork. Here is our manx, Widget, as guardian of the presents under the Christmas tree, just as the Great Sphinx of Giza eternally guards the temples and pyramids of King Khufu and his son King Khafre.

Santa Claws Ornaments

Two gourds painted with cats as a Christmas tree decoration

Christmas ornaments by Cafepress from my original artwork. I love painting gourds... and cats... and Santa Claws.

Santa's Cat

Cat Christmas Decorations of Santa's Cat

Here is a painting of Santa's Cat cuddled in his pocket after a long, exhausting night of work. I painted this a few years ago as an ACEO Art Card and I sold it on eBay for a few dollars. I wish I had this one back so I could re-scan it with a high resolution scanner.

Cat Christmas Present

Cat in Christmas bag

Here is a Christmas Cat Portrait of Alphie in a Christmas package. I painted this cat portrait in watercolor on cotton cold-press paper. Alphie is available on many cat gift ideas in addition to the cards, ornaments and t-shirts shown in the following photos.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament of Alphie Cat Round Christmas Ornament of Alphie Cat Picture Christmas Ornament of Alphie Cat Cat Christmas Card of Alphie Cat Christmas Cards of Alphie All over print tshirt of Alphie Cat

ACEO Art Card of Cat Angel

ACEO Art Card of Cat Angel

Here is an ACEO of a Cat Angel resting on a pillow of clouds. I painted this art card in acrylic on Arches Cold-Press paper. I used to love painting ACEOs but painting the size of a baseball card is a little too small for me know. ACEO art cards have remained popular for many years and are a lot of fun to collect and trade. Many artists put in an amazing amount of effort and detail. If you are interested in purchasing ACEOs I would recommend this ACEO site dedicated to the fine artists who love creating these wonderful little works of art.

Maine Coon Cat Chistmas Card

Maine Coon Cat Christmas Card

Holiday Greetings from Gomer. Gomer is the first cat to join our family from the Pat Brody Shelter and she was such a sweetheart. I painted this Art Card ACEO several years ago.

Christmas Ornament of Maine Coon Cat Mistletoe Christmas Cards with Maine Coon Cat Maine Coon Cat on Christmas Coffee Mug

Halloween Art

Here is my Halloween Cat Art for those of us who never get enough of this spooktacular holiday.

Cat Photo


Here is my world renowned two-headed cat MarinaTick, relaxing in the window after an arduous tour of all corners of the globe. This cat photo reminds of Doctor Dolittle's Push-Me--Pull-You. You can see more cat photographs of Tickles and Marina.

Sleepy Cat

Maine Coon Kitten Artwork

Gomer struggles to keep her eyes open as sleep slowly creeps in. Touch here to see a larger version of this original artwork.

Small Format Art

Small Format Art Cat

I painted this miniature for the local library's art show / fund raiser. Click to see a larger version of this original artwork.

Kitten Painting Lessons

kitten Art Lessons

I struggle with painting, but with a self-trained master artist guiding me step by step I am confident that I will reach my dreams. Thank you Grand Master Tickles for your patient tutorials and timeless wisdom. Here are many more paintings made possible by Tickles. Currently tickles only offers in person, one-on-one, tutorials but she is planning to one day offer free online art classes, so that all the world can know the joy of painting.

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